ngroan (ngroan) wrote in bonofans,

No WAY Bono writes a blog

Hey guys, is this for real?

I feel like I'm posting this all over the place, but I have a bet going with my friend and I REALLY want to know what you guys think.
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This could well be someone taking the piss's really well done. Also, in parts, very funny.

So, either way, I saved it to favourites. Thank you. :)

Oddly enough, if it IS Bono instead of a (actually very clever) satire, I think I like him even more now.
I really think this is someone taking the piss. There is no way Bono would slag people off like that, or appear that arrogant.
maybe its just me, but as precise and eloquent bono always is, i doubt he'd spell "loser" as "looser" (in 1st supposed blog). its not worth reading much after that entry. and anyone who's ever heard bono speak (ie rolling stone interview) or read any interviews (ie book with michka) knows that the man speaks in wayyyyyyyyyyyyy longer and more complex sentences and trails off into endless pathways of thought and rambling.
that supposed blog is just some loser with too much time on their hands.
Don't know. But its convincing.

I kind of hope it is him, because the entire time I was reading it I kept saying to myself "Oh man, Bono is so awesome" and I've always liked him, but this is hilarious.

I want to believe its Bono with a good sense of humor, and not some guy pretending to be Bono.