baranduyn (baranduyn) wrote in bonofans,

U2 doc on VH1 Classic tonight

I don't know if this is the place for this, but I get all excited every time I see it so I'll share. If it doesn't belong, I'll delete.

VH1 Classic is re-running Classic Albums: The Joshua Tree tonight at nine p.m. Eastern time (U.S) and likely again later on.

I admit to coveting loving every one of the Classic Album series, but this one is very appealing. You get to hear Bono and the lads talk about the writing and making of The Joshua Tree and even see them demonstrate how different tracks break down. Also, it's co-produced by U2 so it's very all right.

Bono...looks splendid, even if this thing is not really new.

I'll go quietly now.
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