Bono co-writes single with Eurythmics, Dave Stewart!

- Bono co-writes single with Eurythmics, Dave Stewart -

The duo collaborated on a track called "American Prayer" a few years back. It was a big to-do, with celebrity guests (Beyonce, the Edge) and a real 'feel good' vibe. Now it's set to premiere!!

Dave performs 'American Prayer' with a 30-PIECE ORCHESTRA! Track 3

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Gulu Walk 2007 - Be an Icon

Reposted from ugandacalling - I would like to invite everyone here to join me in a "virtual walk" where we get together and comment, read links, and send petitions (and fundraise/donate if able) to help those affected by the civil war in Uganda. The official Gulu Walk is October 20th, and I'd love to go in person and help out, but the day is hard for me as it tends to be the same as the Cancer Society's annual breast cancer walk, which I attend with my mom. But I'd love to help raise awareness for ending the Ugandan civil war anyway, please comment if you may be interested in some kind of virtual walk (we can just comment and sign petitions, no pressure to fundraise).

Just received an email from World Vision today encouraging people to keep signing their non-denominational petition for other nations to lend moral and logistical support to the peace talks in Uganda:

I also encourage as many people as possible to get involved with their local Gulu Walks, as they support organizations on the ground in Uganda assisting people with health, education, etc.

Even if you are not able to raise money, there are volunteer positions available on walk day helping people check in, find the route, etc. And just coming out shows support and can help make it more likely that people will organize a Gulu Walk next year in your city. Great project for a volunteer club, even one not specifically focused on Uganda.

I'd also like to see a virtual walk for people who do not live near a city with a Walk! This applies to me as I'm in the SF Bay Area and so far there does not seem to be a San Francisco walk yet. Let me know if anyone's interested in virtually walking, and I will contact the Walk coordinators. We can still fundraise and then email or chat via AIM on that day and all send petitions or something, or promise to walk on our own in the future.

Should you choose to sponsor me, here is my Gulu Walk page:

I quoted Neo from the Matrix and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings...
i heart bono

Bono love, please

I normally can read Bono hate rants and giggle at the stupidity and the utter hypocrisy of the statements made by these ranters. In fact, reading Bono hate rants usually makes me happy and leaves me with a feeling of even more love, respect, and admiration for the man.

However, today I reached my limit of how much Bono hatred I can read. Something I read (and won't repeat because I don't want to give voice to ignorance and terrorism) upset me and I was left with a pit in my stomach.

So, please, join me in the Bono love. If you love him, comment. If you like him, comment. If you respect him, comment. If you agree with him, comment. If you admire him, comment.

And now for some (somewhat) dial-up unfriendly SPAMCollapse )

Tell me why you love him. I need to marinate in Bono Love right now. Today more than most.
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